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Yes, We're Open! - Ship50s Car Shipping / Freight / Trucking / RV Shipping Transport is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your Car Shipping / Freight / Trucking / RV Shipping, shipping needs.


RV Shipping Services

In the international movement of heavy machinery, Ship50s is one of the leading specialists. With Ship50s, you can find an affordable, reliable RV transport service that works for you. RV shipping can seem ironic, but it's often necessary. Maybe you just bought a brand-new motorhome. Maybe you need to meet your camper. When you're ready to move your RV, Ship50s is here to help and provide unparalleled services. Guide you on how to ship your RV, get quotes from professional RV haulers, and give you some tips along the way.

Ship50s’s marketplace is your one-stop shop for finding the most reliable RV transport companies at the best rates possible. Create your shipment listing with the details of your vehicle and your needs for RV delivery service. Transporters who specialize in RV transport will then give you quotes for your review, competing for your business. This ensures you get the most competitive rates for RV transport.

How Is RVs Shipped

  • Flatbed services: RV transportation via flatbed consists of large trucks and flatbed trailers. Long-distance and multiple RVs can be hauled with this method.
  • Tow-away services: A tow-away service for an RV requires the RV to be hauled to its destination. Trucks and special equipment are used in this method. RV size and type determine the type of equipment and truck.
  • Drive-away services: With this method, the RV transportation company will send a driver to transport your RV. It does not require any additional equipment or vehicles.

Transporting A Motorhome

Prepare your vehicle before handing it over to your camper delivery company. The RV will be safe to transport over long distances if you do this. It's possible to find carriers who can assist you with this process.

Preparation for RV shipping is similar to preparing a car for transport. Before RV transport, ask your RV hauler for their specific requirements. Preparing your RV for shipping reduces the risk of accidents or damage.


RV Transport Checklist

In preparing your RV for transport, it is helpful to keep these tips in mind. To find out more about RV shipping, consult your owner's manual. Even though this process may take some time, it ensures that RV delivery proceeds smoothly and that you will receive your camper in proper condition.

  • Make sure doors, windows, and cabinets are secure.
  • Take down or secure any wall hangings.
  • All appliances and electronic devices should be turned off.
  • The gas supply and power supply should be disconnected.
  • Check the RV for loose items.
  • Ensure that all parking, brake, turn signals, and indicator lights are working properly.
  • Ensure that all cargo doors, chains, and pop-ups are locked and secured.
  • If your RV has slide-outs, lock them.
  • Fluid levels should be checked and leaks should be prevented.
  • The tow bar and hitch should be secured.
  • The battery should be inspected.
  • Make sure all tires are properly inflated and visually inspect them for cracks and excessive tread wear.

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