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Yes, We're Open! - Ship50s Car Shipping / Freight / Trucking / RV Shipping Transport is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your Car Shipping / Freight / Trucking / RV Shipping, shipping needs.


Dispatch Services for Owner Operators & Carriers

Our services are reliable and efficient, and our trucks are well-maintained and capable of handling large loads. We are providing the best equipment, superior pay, high. quality benefits, and ensuring efficient operations and load planning that allow them to maximize their home life without sacrificing safety or income. As a US truck dispatch company, we offer services for any type of equipment for over-the-road, regional, and local loads.

Makes Freight easy for Shippers, Carriers and Independent Owner Operator.

Advance with Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide end-to-end dispatch trucking service with cutting, edge technology. We give you time and space to plan. Assign resources to the management of consignments and driving. Your fleet of trucks working around the year will ensure you earn big from your fleet of trucks working throughout the year.

Virtual Office with Phone Line

You can now set up your remote office with us and work from anywhere in the world and get your desire clients. We offer a virtual office package that includes a dedicated phone line and let you to work with our sources.

Use the Best Route For Your Truck

To Keep up with the unique demands of each shipper and defining clear routes for an entire fleet is difficult. We help you cater to all the shippers’ needs while providing you with the best routes to your destinations.

Expand and Grow your Business

We are partners with the best and highest-paying owner operator companies. Our team will guide you about everything you need to know. You no longer have to worry about managing your fleet, relax and plan to scale your business while we take care of the operations.

Fuel Tax Filing (IFTA)

IFTA – Fuel Tax Agreement is important for trucking companies. There is no doubt that fuel taxes affect your profit. It is troubling for truck drivers. IFTA provides convenience for drivers. The process is efficient. Drivers can save money, time, and effort. Ship50s Logistical Services guides you through the IFTA agreement, which is also beneficial for the region's economy.

Truck Load Post

In order to get the load we post trucks on all load boards including CRM , & and any other load boards we can find.

Tracking of your Truck

Tracking your truck can be a great way to stay aware of its location and keep it safe. An easy and cost-effective way is what you can get from us. We provide real-time updates throughout the journey so you can keep an eye on your truck's progress.

Dedicated Loads

For the purpose of carrying the dedicated loads, we use specialized equipment that is designed to fit the needs of the shipment and the carriers for carrying the shipment.

Connecting Owners With Drivers

Ship50s offers this service to both owners and fleets, so that both can benefit from what they do. It is easy to register to be a member of the site just by filling out a short form with your basic information. Through our links, you will be able to find the most suitable appropriate and perfect fleet for your needs.

24/7 Custom Clearance Service

From the preparation to the submission of documentation that is required to export or import your goods into or out of a country via Ship50s truck service.

Multi-Directional Benefits

Getting our services connects you with our vast trucking network that provides the best and cheap trucking services in all over the USA. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services that we deliver with full dedication.

Safety With Us

Implementing a thorough screening for drivers to ensure that only licensed and experienced drivers are operating trucks. Ensuring that all truck drivers receive timely safety training and refresher courses. Performing regular maintenance and repairs on trucks. Providing incentives for safe driving practices. Utilizing technology and software to help keep track of drivers' activity and alert them of potential safety risks.

At Ship50s, drivers choose their own division. We provide the job that best fits our drivers' lifestyle. Book now!

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